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VP Product Blockchain


Job Type

Full Time or Part Time

About the Role

-- Work directly with C-suites on the product roadmap.
-- Own the end to end responsibility for ideation, strategy & roadmap, design & development, and owning key metrics
-- Lead design of the features product for enterprise and retail use.
-- Communicate with customers and partners about our DeFi products, deeply understand their needs to support the continual improvement of our product requirements.
-- Build a team of Product Managers for building and executing the long-term strategy and vision for product roll launch.
-- Coordinate with technical and business teams to ensure successful implementation of product.
-- Build an agile and data-driven culture to solve the most complex problems in our world using the best technologies for the job.
--Define KPIs related to product performance and continuously improve across all metrics for maximum efficiency
--Research, identify the key trends, and come up with innovative ideas to stay ahead of the competition
-- Work towards adoption of product offerings working with internal stakeholders and external partners to create continuous and sustainable outcomes of the highest calibre
-- Identify gaps in the current product offerings and perform continuous interactions with management and engineers
-- Be keenly aware of the benefits of using specific chains, especially L2s
-- Understand the competitive landscape in and out of the blockchain space


10+ years of product development experience and at least 1 year in or related to the blockchain space. Ability to work and thrive in a fast paced, ever changing startup environment. Instill leadership and world changing values.

Strong communication skills, good teamwork, highly innovative, doer.

About the Company

We are a new DAO with pre-seed funding revolutionizing the asset backed token space by integrating real world assets into a treasury. We have a rapidly growing community and are pre-product.

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