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Product Manager DeFi


Job Type

Full Time or Part Time

About the Role

-- Reinvent the way we understand value
-- Create compelling messaging and sales enablement that differentiates our product in the market
-- Work to directly influence marketing efforts that lead to increased onboarding and sales pipeline expansion
-- Work with media and content teams to create outbound marketing materials including presentations, datasheets, web content, social media, sales tools, webinars and training materials
-- Work with account managers, engineers, blockchain specialists and partners to build account plans, tailored customer outreach and content for customer meetings.
-- Collaborate with marketing, product management, sales and sales engineering teams on projects to help drive demand, awareness, and pipeline
-- Explore & present blockchain benefits and major providers in the market
-- Create and deliver sales enablement content
-- Support go-to-market planning and execution
-- Develop and support industry events, and conferences
-- Support analyst briefings, and working with tech evangelists
-- Build content for emerging use cases including Gamification of NFTs, Newly added assets, Partnerships, Stablecoins and NFT Marketplaces
-- Understand and support integrations with different blockchains and Ethereum Layer 2 environments
-- Dream big, ship fast on the GTM journey(Fix long term objectives and be programmatic to iterate and learn fast)


4+ years of product development experience and at least 1 year in or related to the blockchain space. Ability to work and thrive in a fast paced, ever changing startup environment. Instill leadership and world changing values.

Strong communication skills, good teamwork, highly innovative, doer.

About the Company

We are a new DAO with pre-seed funding revolutionizing the asset backed token space by integrating real world assets into a treasury. We have a rapidly growing community and are pre-product.

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