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Full Stack Developer


Job Type

Full Time or Part Time

About the Role

-- Architect and develop full stack web applications with a small team
-- Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code using EVM and/or Rust
-- Write highly secure and scalable web services
-- Partner with our businesses and their leadership teams to identify and develop high-potential use cases and technology applications, and oversee the development and execution of these use cases
-- Build and manage an industry-leading, enterprise-ready blockchain DAPP working with highly talented engineers
-- Build strategic relationships with blockchain providers and maintain existing strategic relationships
-- Work with industry regulators and organizations to ensure regulatory and legal considerations are considered and addressed when driving industry adoption


5+ years of full stack development experience and at least 1 year in or related to the blockchain space. Ability to work and thrive in a fast paced, ever changing startup environment. Instill leadership and world changing values. Significant experience working with Golang, Typescript, and ReactJS. Experience with mobile development, gRPC and AWS. Fintech experience. Blockchain programming experience (EVM and/or Rust). Experience with SQL databases, Postgres and PL/pgSQL

Strong communication skills, good teamwork, highly innovative, doer.

About the Company

We are a new DAO with pre-seed funding revolutionizing the asset backed token space by integrating real world assets into a treasury. We have a rapidly growing community and are pre-product.

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