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Content Manager


Job Type

Full Time or Part Time

About the Role

-- Manage and guide the creation of clear, consistent, and compelling content across all communication channels, including website, blog, and social media, optimizing strategies as ecosystem expands
-- Ensure that we're consistent in representing our brand whether in establishing narratives or in quality of output
-- Work closely with our product, platform, media, and research teams to understand and add value to their marketing and engagement strategies
-- Find ways to increase our story's reach by putting the right content in front of the right audiences at the right time.
-- Work closely with the DAO Community to understand and support their communication strategy
-- Own the strategic narrative process, ensuring all outward content is clear, compelling, and brand-aligned
-- Build and lead a team of adept storytellers: acting as a guide and mentor to team members on how to create clear and compelling content in alignment with our narratives and mission
-- Identify new topics to create more awareness, integration, and usage of our products and services
-- Work with 3rd party publications and other organizations to create original content and further expand our reach


5+ years of content management/media management experience and at least 1 year in or related to the blockchain space. Ability to work and thrive in a fast paced, ever changing startup environment. Instill leadership and world changing values.

Strong communication skills, good teamwork, highly innovative, doer.

About the Company

We are a new DAO with pre-seed funding revolutionizing the asset backed token space by integrating real world assets into a treasury. We have a rapidly growing community and are pre-product.

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